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Airline Pass-Through



Suit Airline Connection



If you have a suit equipped with an airline inlet and would like to use it with a continuous-flow airline system, this page will give you instructions on how to build your very own homemade pass-through.



This project is meant for recreational use only!!! This setup should never be used in an actual toxic environment. Neither the author nor the Webmaster can be held responsible in case of personal injury or death resulting from the construction or use of the items described on this page. BUILD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!


Parts List:


  1. A Four inch lenth of 1” PVC Pipe
  2. Two 1” PVC Caps
  3. Female Quick-Disconnect Fitting and two washers
  4. Filter Cloth or paper
  5. A compressor with male Quick-disconnect fittings
  6. A Suit with a side air inlet
  7. PVC Cement




  1. Cut the PVC pipe to length
  2. Drill many holes in the end of one of the caps and cement it on to the PVC pipe.
  3. Fill the length of the pipe with filter cloth
  4.  Drill a hole in the other cap large enough for the threaded end of the female Quick-Disconnect fitting
  5. Screw one of the washers to the back of the fitting’s threads.
  6. Insert the threaded end of the Quick-disconnect fitting into the hole in the cap
  7. Fasten in to the cap with the other washer
  8. From the inside of the suit, Insert the pass-through out through the air inlet of the suit. (So the cap with the holes is inside the suit and the other end is sticking outside the suit)
  9. Loosen the hose clamp and slide it onto the shaft of the pass-through so that it covers the suit material
  10. Tighten the Clamp firmly
  11. Cement the other cap onto the end of the pipe that is sticking outside the suit.
  12. Connect the suit to the compressor and switch it on.


When the compressor is on, air will flow down the hose, into the pass-through were it will be purrified then expeled into the suit, providing clean breathing air for the wearer.