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Breathing Air Pass-Through

If you are going to be using your suit in a lab setting, you certainly cannot use a SCBA as your breathing air source because you would be re-filling it constantly. Many Level B suits have side air inlets, but few feature pass-throughs. A pass-through is basically a system, which lets you connect an airline to the outside of the suit and a respirator to the inside. Though these are mostly used on Level A suits, it is possible to incorporate one into a Level B suit with a side air inlet. My pass-through design allows you to connect not only an air supply to the suit, but also features an airflow detector and temperature sensor to measure the presence of airflow along with the temperature of the breathing air entering the suit. Though my design does not feature it, it is also possible to incorporate hard-wired communication connections into your pass-through. I personally use a radio system so I have no need for this, but it’s a though.

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