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Mask-Mounted Camera

Record a Responder’s Eye View Of Your Missions While Suited.

Want to capture your missions on film? These days you can find all sorts of mini wireless security cameras on ebay for under $30.00 US. These cameras could easily be mounted onto the front of a respirator mask to allow you to tape your actions while suited. The video from the camera is then transmitted wirelessly back to the receiver which is plugged into a TV, computer or VCR to display or record your activities. Real-World Responders use a system that operates on the same princicle to relay information back to the command trailer for the cheif to analyze.


This camera operates off a 9-Volt battery that could easily be mounted on the back of the head-harness of your mask with the wires zip-tied up to the front of the mask. Because this camera is wireless, you can use in in any suit, not just thoes with pass-thrus.

US $30 900Mhz Wireless Spy Camera


Above is a photo of the type of camera proposed and the location on which you would mount the camera. When I return home in December I will post some photos of the completed project.
In the mean time, if anyone attempts this project, please let me knoe how it went and if you have any suggestions.

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