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Some of the projects I would like to work on in the future would be:


Sensor Suit – a body suit with temperature, pulse and movement sensors built in to it that monitors the suited person’s vital statistics. This suit would also incorporate rubber tubing through which cold water would be run to keep the responder cool while suited.


Pressure-Test Kit – a small device, which is connected to both the suit and PC, and does a mock pressure test on the suit. The software would be written in visual basic, which I do not have a lot of experience with; so if anyone is knowledgeable on the subject, please email me.


Lab Control Software with Hardware interfacing – A device and software that lets you control you lab more easily while suited.


Suit Control Software = A device which would interface with both your breathing air compressor and your computer to monitor and control the flow of breathing air in the suit. Support for the sensor suit would also be included.


Suit Computer – A small, PIC based computer which would be worn under the person’s suit and could control the compressor, air supply, cooling system, monitor temperature and so on. It could be controlled through a remote with an LCD display, which would be mounted on a wristwatch type device outside the suit. A wireless serial link that relays your vital statistics to a normal PC would be desirable.


Got a suggestion for a project? Please email it to me at

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