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Through a gas-tight and electronically secured door lies the lab. My lab is equipped with airlines for connections for power tools and for breathing air while suited. The breathing air compressor and distribution system is controlled by a computer, as are the lab experiments. My lab suit is a Dupont Tychem CPF 4 Level B Suit with side air inlet. I have built a pass-through to be used for communication as well as breathing air.

Photos Soon Avaliable:
1. Me in my lab while suited
2. Close-up of my Breathing air system
3. Lab Computer
4. Pass-through

I preform a fair number of experiments in my lab, mainly mixing different chemicals together to see what happens. I also enjoy connecting resistors to the mains outlet and watching them burn. All these experiments are carried out while I am suited up in my Tychem CPF4 suit with my airline attached to keep me cool. While suited my pass-through provideds breathing air from the air distribuition system as well as allowing my life support system to communicate with my computer. To control the computer, I use eaither keyboard or voice commands which I isue through my headset which I wear inside the suit. The head set it connected to an FM transmitter and Reciever, which also allows me to hear feedback from the computer. My pass-thru is also equipped connections to 5 DS18B20 tempurature sensors which are mouted on several small clips. While I am suiting up I clip one sensor about half-way down each leg, one near my stomach, one on my back and one near my head. This network of sensors monitors my body tempurature while suited and relays this data back to the computer. While wearing a totally-encapsulating suit it does get VERY hot inside, so keeping an eye on your tempurarue is VERY important. Inside the pass-thru there is also a DS18B20 to monitor the tempurature of the air from the supply system as well as an airflow monitor. Schematics on how to build a pass-thru similar to the one I use can be found on the projects page, along with information on DS18B20 temourature sensors, FM transmitters and recievers and voice control.